Witness to a continual but unobtrusive search.

Bernadette Snyers is particularly sensitive to the impressions and sensations around her which both absorb her and define her art. She is entirely dedicated to her chosen art form and each brush stroke conveys her joy of painting. Although all her pictures bear witness to hard work and constant research, they nevertheless appear without a predefined path. Time and time again, this artist is questioning her art.

Thus Bernadette’s pictures give expression to freedom and honesty. For her, each painting is a discovery that enriches and satisfies her, but also a stimulation to research her art and experiment further.

For the viewer, sinking into the artists’s canvases is both a visual and a sensory experience. Indeed the artist’s brush gives shape to a pictorial order composed of free, asymmetrical and chromatic forms which seem to echo each other.

Sometimes the colour is of an earthy restraint and seems to reflect the strength of the natural elements. And when a more intense tone is deployed, contrasting with the dark patterns, a solemn feeling emerges. We are faced with a kind of brilliance – the artist’s happiness, felt through the act of creating and the joy of sharing.

However, the pondering and unrelentless spirit of Bernadette Snyers cannot be satisfied simply with chromatic patterns. Consequently, as one who loves to experiment, she expresses herself in a bold display of forms and masses that unite and interlock, forming irregularly coloured archipelagos. This Pangaea causes a continental drift, radiating between colours, volumes, materials and transparent voids.


Nathalie Becker